Honolulu, archives 2011-2022


Description du projet Honolulu, archives 2011-2022

We had the pleasure of working once again with Loïc Touzé and Barbara Coffy for an archive-book, witnessing the life of the HONOLULU dance venue in Nantes. The result is a place-book, bringing together and mixing the voices of spaces. A long poem composed of the voices of all those who placed their bodies and their times there. A sort of voice of the place that emerges, in forms of self-descriptions and projections of imaginary dances.
In December 2022, a few weeks before the release of the work, a reading was done of this place poem during the Grand Huit, festival of the ORO association, at the Salon de Lecture du Lieu Unique in Nantes.

"To bear witness to the history of HONOLULU, the work brings together a corpus of documents produced by artists
and art workers. He embraces his artistic activity and that of the somatic school which is deployed there in particular from the Feldenkrais Method. HONOLULU has welcomed nearly 150 artists since its creation – we asked around fifty with a strong link with the place to share a personal contribution, a trace of their passage. The corpus also includes images, photographs, texts and chronological elements from the digital and physical archives of HONOLULU. The composition of these materials is punctuated by a poem proposed by Nicolas Couturier based on the words of the contributors." Barbara Coffy, A place, you have to get together, 2022